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Postcolonial Digital Humanities is founded and run by Adeline Koh and Roopika Risam, scholars of postcolonial studies and digital humanities who also run the #dhpoco: Postcolonial Digital Humanities Tumblr.

Adeline Koh is Director of DH@Stockton, a Digital Humanities Center, and assistant professor of literature at Richard Stockton College. Her work spans the intersections between postcolonial studies and the digital humanities, 19th/20th Century British and Anglophone Literature and Southeast Asian and African studies, and games in higher education. Koh directs Digitizing ‘Chinese Englishmen,’ a digital archival project on 19th century ‘Asian Victorians’ in Southeast Asia, The Stockton Postcolonial Studies Project an online magazine of postcolonial studies, and is the designer of Trading Races, an elaborate historical role playing game designed to teach race consciousness in the undergraduate classroom.She is also a core contributor to the Profhacker Column at the Chronicle of Higher Education. She has held a Duke University Humanities Writ Large Fellowship and a postdoctoral fellowship at the National University of Singapore.

roopika risamRoopika Risam is a Dean’s Teaching Fellow, HASTAC Scholar, and PhD candidate at Emory University. In the fall, she will begin working as assistant professor of world literature and English education at Salem State University. Her work addresses the intersections of postcolonial studies and minority discourse in the United States and the role of digital humanities in mediating between the two. Her current project “Oceans of Black, Brown, and Yellow: Literatures of Global Solidarity” examines W.E.B. Du Bois in the context of postcolonial and African American studies, positioning Du Bois as a key figure for global social movements negotiating revolutionary nationalism and internationalism and a progenitor for postcolonial studies. Additionally, she is working on a historical role playing game based on the Fifth Pan-African Congress, which explores integrating primary sources and literary texts in the undergraduate classroom. She also has contributed to Postcolonial Studies @ Emory, a digital humanities project that provides a home for postcolonial studies on the web, and runs the postcolonial digital humanities website and tumblr blog with Adeline Koh.


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  1. Hello, I love what you are doing here, I think it’s brilliant. I am having trouble loading the comics page, though, and the two other individuals in Aus I’ve sent links to area also reporting problems viewing the page. Have you any idea why this might be? Please keep up the great work. Dahlia

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