#DHPoco Summer School is an informal, month-long collaborative online course exploring issues related to Postcolonial Digital Humanities. Through readings, discussion boards, and optional video conferences, participants will learn more about #dhpoco and make meaningful connections with fellow scholars.

Since #DHPoco Summer School is collaborative in nature, we are looking for participants or small groups to help develop our reading list, facilitate our course discussion board for a week, or run a video chat session.

To sign up for #DHPocoSummer School, please use the form here. The form allows participants to recommend readings or sign up to serve as a facilitator, should they wish.

The LAST DAY TO SIGN UP for #DHPoco summer school is FRIDAY, JUNE 28. 

Questions? Please contact Roopika Risam or Adeline Koh or find us on Twitter: @roopikarisam and @adelinekoh.

Course Description
#dhpoco Summer School is a month-long online course that will take place from Monday, July 1st to Sunday, July 28th. Collaborative in nature, our readings will be drawn from suggestions by participants. Additionally, our discussion boards and optional weekly video chats will be facilitated by #dhpoco Summer School participants. Possible topics addressed during the course may include: representation in digital spaces, vulnerable labor sources for technology, #dhpoco comics, postcolonial critiques of digital humanities, race and colonialism in critical code studies, and defining a “postcolonial” digital humanities.

By participating in #dhpoco Summer School, participants will:

  1.  Be introduced to the mission and goals of #dhpoco;
  2. Develop a vocabulary for discussing the issues around #dhpoco;
  3. Contribute to and engage with a #dhpoco reading list;
  4. Learn how #dhpoco fits into their work; and
  5. Make connections with a community of scholars interested in the possibilities of #dhpoco.

During the month of July, participants in #dhpoco Summer School will:

  1. Complete weekly reading on issues related to Postcolonial Digital Humanities;
  2. Participate on an asynchronous discussion board for each week’s reading; and
  3. (Optional) Attend video chat sessions for real-time discussion.

If you are interested in serving as a discussion leader on the board for a week or are willing to facilitate one of our video chat sessions, please indicate your interest on the sign-up form located here. For more information, please contact Roopika Risam or Adeline Koh or tweet to us on Twitter: @roopikarisam and @adelinekoh.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at #dhpoco Summer School!

Again, The LAST DAY TO SIGN UP for #DHPoco summer school is FRIDAY, JUNE 28. We look forward to seeing you!


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