Readings for #DHPoco #SummerSchool!

Hard at Work @ #DHPoco Summer School

NOTE: All Updates for #DHPoco Summer School will now be added to the MAIN SUMMER SCHOOL WEBSITE ONLY:

Welcome to #DHPoco summer school! We’ve chosen the readings below, based on votes and suggestions from our list, with an eye towards free and online publications to help with access issues. Our list below is also skewed towards readings that include both digital humanities issues as well as global questions about race/class/gender.

For each week, the primary article will be our main focus of discussion at #DHPoco summer school. We’ve chosen additional readings to complement the primary article which others are welcome to use to generate discussion of the primary text.

How Summer School Will Work:

  1. Discussion leaders will post a brief summary and list of questions on the main reading in point form on the discussion forums on the Class Discussions page

  2. Feel free to respond in the forums with your thoughts/reactions and to each other.

  3. We also encourage blogging in response to the reading and the discussion. If you do blog, please post a link to your blog in the forums.

  4. If you would like to organize/be part of a video chat for a particular week, post on the forums and ask if anyone else is interested, and organize from there. We’d love to hear the results of your video chats!

  5. Roopika and Adeline will be discussion leaders for Week 1. (The week will start every Monday of July.) We will add the names of future discussion leaders as they are finalized.

  6. Twitter Hashtag for #DHPoco Summer School will be #DHPocoSS!
  7. We are also collecting references for a general #DHPoco bibliography. Add your suggestions to, and join our OPEN Postcolonial Digital Humanities Zotero Group Library!

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